Yanina Isla (b. 1990) is an Argentinian photographer and audiovisual designer based in Berlin. Yanina received a degree in Audiovisual Design from the University of Buenos Aires. Since then she has worked in both film and television as well as working on the documentation of video performances and various other documentary video projects. Her photographic work foregrounds an interest in cherishing the enchantress of nature and documenting intimate moments - all the while never intruding upon her subject matter. Fascinated by how culture influences social interactions, her interest in these fleeting moments emphasizes their capacity to invoke both a sense of beauty and a sense of melancholy. Alongside Angelina Emanuele she co-directed and co-wrote Océano, an independently produced feature film. She currently is involved with live-streaming events for cultural institutions as well as an ongoing responsibility providing video and photographic documentation of the Bergman Film Festival in Sweden. Due to her dedication to analogue photography she has gathered to date more than 2.500 negatives and counting.